Thanks for your interest in No.9: The 1968 Farmington Mining Disaster We welcome your feedback, stories and questions.

7 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. taboraroberts said:

    I’m curious if you are doing a book tour any time soon. Thanks!

  2. Bonnie Stewart said:

    A book tour in West Virginia last week went well. The first evening, I saw many of the families of the men who died in the No.9. Larry L. Layne, the federal inspector who penned a memo that explains the disaster, was there, too. Families were happy to meet him. He went to high school in the area and knew some of the families.

  3. My dad got his book in the mail the other day and I just wanted to thank you, from the Freeman Family

  4. Bonnie Stewart said:

    Thank you for your email. I am glad the book arrived. I am so sorry for your family’s loss and hope that in some way the book will honor those who died. Bonnie

  5. Bonnie Stewart said:

    Today, November 20, is the anniversary of the No. 9 mine Disaster. I have attended the last four memorial services and am sad that I cannot be there this year. I am sending my condolences to all the families who lost loved ones in that disaster. Bonnie

  6. Diane Kimble said:

    Hi Bonnie—I am Diane Megna Kimble- Joe’s sister. Joe was looking ffor Larry Layne. He was under the assumption that he had passed away….Is he the person that wrote the memo???? I have read the book and want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart….I could hardly read the book for crying and I hope this will bring some justice to our family…but justice won’t come until someone is held accountable for there actions….Thank you again.
    Diane Kimble

  7. Hi Diane, I am sorry it has taken so long to respond to your message. I’m just learning how to use the website and hope to update it soon. Take care. Bonnie

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